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  • Video Games made into Movies

    We can all think of a video game that somehow, beyond all sense and rationality, made it from the little screen to the big, and we usually wince when we recall them. The list of films based on video games is arguably one of the most excruciating compilations of film fails. So why do people keep on trying? And why do they always suck?

  • Top 10 Movie Actors in Video Games

    Video games are big business and they’re raking in the A-list movie actors. Have you spotted Vin Diesel, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken or Martin Sheen in a video game near you? We have. Best For Film saves you the hard work by pimping the top 10 movie actors in video games today.

  • Silent Hill: Revelation

    It’s not scary, it’s not funny, it’s not even very bloody. Aside from a few interesting set designs, the only revelation here is how bad it is. Silent Hill: Revelation is in the running for worst film of the year, and at the moment the odds are in its favour. Run from it.

  • Anuvahood

    First there was Kidulthood, then there was Adulthood, now there’s Anuvahood. With original writer/director Noel Clarke having absolutely nothing to do with this one it’s up to Kidulthood co-star Adam Deacon to assume the role of writer/director and somehow turn the middling urban drama into comedy gold.

  • Armadillo

    Documentary film maker Janus Metz follows a platoon of Danish soldiers on their first tour of in southern Afghanistan. What he films is at once shocking, eye-opening and perversely entertaining.

  • Orange(Wednesday)s and Lemons #12

    It’s just another day, another bloody day that’s inevitably going to roll into the next awful day and on and on so you might as well get that bit of rope and – hold on! It’s not just any old day, it’s WEDNESDAY! Half price cinema awaits! Grab your remaining friend and let two-for-one grappling commence!