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Duncan Vicat-Brown

Duncan Vicat-Brown

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Duncan Vicat-Brown

Described variously as a ‘turd’ by Ellie Goulding and ‘lovely stuff’ in, not his words, the words of Shakin’ Stevens. He famously ‘wasn’t that bothered’ by The Human Centipede, but did have nightmares about both The Cottage and Planet Terror during a Greek holiday when he ate too much feta. He has a fantastic and lengthy Transformers 2 rant that you probably need to hear, and actually quite likes Alien 3, even though you can’t tell who’s who.

Latest Articles

14 February 2014 2:54pm

The Lego Movie

Let's review some recent facts. There are now so few totally original screenplays set to hit screens in 2014 that Total Film feel the need to brag about there being any at all. Sad, but not surprising; such is the nature of supply and demand, and the reality of what it takes to make studio…

11 December 2013 11:59am

Godzilla gets fantastic new teaser


10 December 2013 5:38pm

Abattoir Blues #5 - Netflix horror, Val Kilmer style

Of the many wonderful things about Netflix – like being able to watch five seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race without getting up, and never being in danger of accidentally watching a film you’ve heard of – my favourite is rummaging through the weird careers of major Hollywood stars. For example, just by clicking on his name, I can look at Val Kilmer’s catalogue, watch all the horror movies that pop up, and then sort-of review them with gently derisive affection. Right, let’s do that then.

04 December 2013 1:23pm

RZA releases Paul Walker tribute

The Man with the Iron* Fists†. *Broken †Heart

06 November 2013 4:13pm

Abattoir Blues #4 - Watching The Shining at 100 BPM

To celebrate Hallowe'en, the good folks at Rakuten's spent a huge amount of time and money faffing around with heart monitors and spooky DVDs to decide what the scariest film ever was. They decided, and then we sent Duncan along to watch it. It's Abattoir Blues, but with more infographics than usual...