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John Underwood

John Underwood

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John Underwood

I’m John, and I seem to edit this corner of the Internet. When I’m not being called a “knobhead” by Nick Frost, mistaking Meg Ryan for that other one or adding curlicues to the Best For Film coat of arms, I like collecting small model elephants and selflessly risking life, limb and liver in my endless quest to find London’s cheapest bottle of wine. If I ever meet Nicolas Cage things will probably get quite awkward. I’m also on Google+, for some reason.

Latest Articles

28 March 2014 5:28pm

My five favourite films

A long time ago, when Best For Film Towers was as busy as it was happy, we had a blog series called Best For Film's Favourite Flicks. It wasn't regular, or concise, or tightly argued - Best For Film was never any of those things - but it was individual, it was witty and it showed off our brilliant writers to perfection. It's still my favourite column onsite, because it offers the most insight into the motley crew of interns, freelancers, chancers and MA dropouts who have written for the site over the past four years.

21 March 2014 4:48pm

Andy Serkis to direct The Jungle Book


20 March 2014 11:23am

Doug Liman in final talks to direct Splinter Cell

Sneaky sneaky.

19 March 2014 10:51am

Anderson supercut reveals Wes' dedication to symmetry

Featuring our favourite dotted line since that ellipsis in Trainspotting.

17 March 2014 12:17pm

Marc Webb will not direct Amazing Spider-Man 4

Sick of the surname jokes, probably.