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Kayleigh Dray

Kayleigh Dray

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Kayleigh Dray

Kayleigh Dray studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry and specialised in Muggle Literature and Creative Writing. Since then, she has written for Cosmopolitan and The Film Pilgrim, perfecting her signature sarcastic tone (and dating advice) just in time for her arrival at Best For Film. She grew up on film sets and, looking at her eclectic selection of DVDs, it seems her dream film might be Killer Dinosaurs From Space: The Musical, starring Audrey Hepburn (complete with lightsaber and Scream mask), written by Tim Burton and directed by Steven Spielberg. Now THAT’S entertainment!

Latest Articles

28 October 2013 11:47am

Top 10 storms in film

The UK has just been hit by the world's least impressive storm, and it's got us thinking about some tempests that actually delivered on their promises. And, obviously, they're all in films - why is real life never as good?

02 October 2013 4:20pm

Top 10 Disney villains who just needed some therapy

Now that Maleficent has been given a backstory to help us UNDERSTAND why she's so evil, we reckon the rest of the Disney villains need to share their psycho-damaging woes with the world. You'll never look at Scar the same way again...

18 September 2013 1:18pm

Top 5 films that should have kept it literal

We hate it when you wander into a movie expecting one thing from the title and being delivered something else entirely. Remember how disappointed everyone was to discover The Godfather wasn't a sweet, wholesome family drama? Exactly. Here's five movies that should have stuck to their literal plots...

20 August 2013 6:01pm

The Conjuring

The Conjuring is, in its basest form, a ghost story. And, while ghost stories are usually pretty terrifying, in their own little way, there's USUALLY a get-out clause of some kind. Haunted houses, for example, are just that; haunted houses. Ghost stays in, you run outside screaming and bag yourself a room at the local…

19 August 2013 7:54am

Top 10 things we want to see in Sharknado 2

Once again, the SyFy channel have worked their baffling magic and created an instant cult classic by simply ramming two scary things together. Sharktopus, Crocoshark, Sharkmonella - they've all been done, but nobody had ever thought of combining a massive fish with a natural disaster - until Sharknami. Sorry, we mean Sharknado. Anyway, here's what we want from the inevitable sequel (apart from a sharkproof hat):