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Top 10 films that should never have made it onscreen

Hollywood is big business. With more and more films now scraping, or downright flying, past the billion-dollar mark in box office receipts, it’s understandable that studios are going to pump cash into projects they think will net them a profit. Quite often, however, they appear to have absolutely no idea that a film is going to bomb. Here are a few examples of when studios should have absolutely known beforehand that a project was doomed.

Happy bloody Valentine’s – our favourite V-day horrors

This Valentine’s Day, forget about booking a table at Dorsia. If Patrick Bateman can’t get a reservation, then neither can you. Instead, lure your other half into a dark room, force feed them popcorn and sit on separate sides of the couch while making your way through these gruesomely romantic films.

I Am Not Famous Anymore – the perils of the public breakdown

Gossip columnists and film writers alike are rejoicing in the endless snarky articles to be wrung out of what seems to be Shia LaBeouf’s prolonged and very public breakdown. But – regardless of whether or not he really is ill – what does this say about our attitude to mental health in the public eye? There aren’t many jokes in this one.

Top 5 Princess Bride quotes for the office

Navigate office life that much smoother with our guide to The Princess Bride’s best pithy put downs and responses; just make sure you don’t accuse your boss of being the six-fingered man who slaughtered your father unless you’re ABSOLUTELY sure it’s true.

The Legend of Hercules’ new trailer is the worst thing ever

The Legend of Hercules, which is described as being “from the makers of Olympus Has Fallen” despite sharing neither director, writers nor producers with Antoine Fuqua’s latest carcrash, is heading for the UK after receiving a critical and commercial drubbing in the home of the awful action movie. On the basis of the new trailer, here’s why you mustn’t see it.