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Advent Calendar

Previous Advent presents

BFF Advent Calendar – 21st of December

FOUR DAYS FOUR DAYS FOUR DAYS! What better way to celebrate the PROPERLY NEARLY HERENESS of Christmas than by hiding a film about Santa battling aliens behind your Advent calendar window? None, that’s what.

BFF Advent Calendar – 20th of December

As December enters its twenties and we all start to go a bit mental, the Advent Calendar is upping its game accordingly. Think you feel Christmassy yet? Hold onto your whistle…

BFF Advent Calendar – 19th of December

On the nineteenth day of Christmas, Best For Film gave to you: our second clip to feature Colin Firth, but the first to star Renée Zellweger. Can you tell what it is yet? Clue: there may be knitted reindeer.

BFF Advent Calendar – 18th of December

‘Twas the Sunday before Christmas, and at Best For Film we’ve rustled up something special for your Advent calendar treat: a whole blooming film! Check it out, but don’t get ahead of yourself and peel any carrot sticks for tea – you might not want them later…

BFF Advent Calendar – 17th of December

Behind today’s Advent calendar lurks Bill Murray, and a man with a little hammer. Have you guessed it yet? Don’t spoil it for the others if you have – there’s no need to be a Scrooge…