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Short Film of the Week

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Short Film Spotlight: Cooks

You seemed to like us doing a video and that yesterday, so here’s another one – an exclusive interview with the boys from Bustabowl Productions on the occasion of the premiere of their historic film Cooks, shot in 2010 or 2011 or something but first screened last week at Best For Film Presents… We Like Short Shorts. Enjoy!

Short Film Spotlight: Mike

We’ve started having conversations and filming them! YES, Best For Film has finally joined the modern age. If you missed out on our latest film club, you can relive all the fun of the fair with this exclusive interview with the cast and crew of zombie ultrashort Mike.

Interview! We talk to director Luke Snellin

Virgin Media Shorts is the UK’s biggest short film competition, giving both established and emerging British film makers the opportunity to have their work showcased to millions on cinema screens nationwide, on Virgin Media‚Äôs TV on demand platform, on mobile and online. We meet film-maker Luke Snellin, whose film Charlie opened this years competition, to get the low-down on love, death and putting on his DJ voice to impress the chicks.

Short film of the week: Charlie

Charlie, directed by Luke Snellin, is a wonderful tribute to Charlie Chaplin, the comedy genius of the silent era. For two minutes of joy, watch this launch film for Virgin Media Shorts 2011. It’s a cracker!

Short film of the week: FOCUS

You tell her you love her and she loves you. Things have never felt better. But one day, you notice something about her you hadn’t noticed before. Watch our latest Short Film of the Week, FOCUS.