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Top 5 Princess Bride quotes for the office

Navigate office life that much smoother with our guide to The Princess Bride’s best pithy put downs and responses; just make sure you don’t accuse your boss of being the six-fingered man who slaughtered your father unless you’re ABSOLUTELY sure it’s true.

Top 5 places we’d rather stay than Sochi

The world’s press has descended upon Sochi, home of this year’s Winter Olympics, to discover that you really shouldn’t let former KGB agents with latent sexuality issues to design an international sports centre. Twitter is rife with stories of missing floors, broken doors and filthy water in the official press hotels; although we obviously have zero interest in sports journalism, here are some Hollywood hostelries that, on balance, we’d rather frequent.

Top 10 coats in film

In the land of television it’s almost universally agreed that Benedict Cumberbatch has the coat competition sewn up with his oft-swished Belstaff now widely regarded as being as essential to the show as Watson being miffed or the presence of mild, modern intrigue. Film, however, has a more competitive battle going on and as evidenced here it’s one that spans genre and era and sees everyone from murderers and romancers to cartoons and children fighting it out. In a bid to find out the best coat in film history we’ve rounded up our ten favourites, concluding with the coat that Sherlock wishes he had.

Why Frozen is a bad movie

It’s one of the rules of the Internet – whenever something makes a lot of money AND is critically acclaimed, it’s due a colossal backlash. Contrary is what I would normally call it, and maybe that’s what I am being; a contrarian. But I cannot in good conscious read another article about how great Disney’s Frozen is without making a stand. This is it.

Top 5 film gadgets that we want to take to the cinema

The lot of a film critic is not an easy one; actors hate us, we inevitably have breakdowns during LFF, and every now and again we get accused of being paedophiles when we go to kids’ films alone. (This is a true story.) And as an unfortunate soul proved this week in America, once Google Glass rolls out we won’t even be able to further Google’s terrifying march towards global dominance in cinemas! Not that we’d especially want to, mind. Here are five other gadgets (none, alas, real) that we’d much rather take to the pictures.