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A new We Are What We Are trailer to sink your teeth into

We Are What We Are

This entry was posted 3 years, 158 days ago

With We Are What We Are promising to do for cannibals what Let The Right One In did for vampires, it is reassuring to see the new trailer is just as appetising as its predecessor.

Following a family of cannibals who are forced, after the death of the clan’s patriarch, to delegate bread-winning duties accordingly, the film promises to be every bit the social satire as it does a conventional horror.

If We Are What We Are packs as much social commentary as early reviews suggest, it is no surprise that Jorge Michel Grau’s Mexican horror is earning comparisons to George A. Romero finest work with zombies.

Due out on Friday, November 12, We Are What We Are stars Adrián Aguirre, Miriam Balderas and Francisco Barreiro.


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