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  • Cheat Sheet: James Cameron

    Oh sure, everybody knows that James Cameron loves going crazy with his special effects. And, sure, everyone knows that he had something to do with Titanic… but what ELSE do you know about tempestuous Captain Jim, eh? Exactly. Prepare for an iceberg of knowledge to sink (and destroy) your preconceptions on one of the most influential men in Hollywood…

  • Friday Face/Off: James Cameron

    James Cameron – a friend or foe to the world of filmmaking? Two of our more sage/energetic crew members don their word armour and prepare for battle. Will Avatar go down in the history books? Is 3D worth any extra penny we pay? Was there really room on that door for both of them? Read on to find out…

  • Transformers 3D: Revenge Of James Cameron?

    Oh dear. Another franchise bows its head in grudging respect to the new world run by James Cameron and his voodoo. After being adamant last year that the Transformers films wouldn’t go 3D, director Michael Bay has been under major pressure from Universal to change his mind following the never-ending success of Avatar. Another one bites the beautifully pixilated dust.