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  • Captain Jack Sparrow visits “budding young pirates”

    Long ago, no one wanted pirates on land. All they did was cause trouble, stealing your silver and seducing your girlfriend. So who, in the name of the Jolly Roger, allowed a pirate into a primary school? Captain Jack Sparrow can claim he was invited all he wants, but I know his plan. To entice all the school children into joining his pirate crew so that he can become the greatest plunderer on the Seven Seas.

  • Friday Drinking Game #11 – Pirates of the Caribbean

    To celebrate the brief few days between the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and its inevitable box office flop, we thought we’d channel the very muckiest of Captain Jack Sparrow’s rum-guzzling habits and settle you down for an evening of alcoholism on the high seas. Avast, where be that Babycham?

  • Cheat Sheet: Christopher Walken

    It’s Walken Week here at Best For Film and, to celebrate his upcoming role in Seven Psychopaths, we’re saturating the internet with Christopher Walken news, reviews and booze (look forward to the Friday Drinking Game!) Undeniably brilliant, consistently mesmerising and with an inexplicable intonation, join us as we walk with Walken.

  • Top 10 Fashion Lessons Of Cinema

    London Fashion Week just happened. Did you know that? A huge fashionable event JUST HAPPENED in the UK and, if you’re anything like us here at Best For Film, you probably didn’t notice until somebody mentioned it this morning. We felt bad. Well, we didn’t feel THAT bad, but we did decide that we should do something to celebrate; so, without any further ado, here are the top 10 fashion lessons of cinema. BFF style…

  • Orange(Wednesday)s and Lemons #20

    If every one of our OWLingly good Wednesday blogs turned into 14.95 Spartans, we’d have 299 Spartans! Which is nearly enough for a party. Unfortunately, what we’d actually have is 280 proper Spartans and 19 that were missing some toes, which isn’t ideal. If only there was another number we could multiply 20 by… Anyway, what’re you watching this week? We know, and we’re TELLING YOU IN WORDS, LIKE.