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  • Cheat Sheet: Jesse Eisenberg

    Everybody knows Jesse Eisenberg, oh he of The Social Network fame, but what do we really know about the curly-haired actor? Join us as we check out his filmography, his big break in the acting world and why he thinks Rio is THE best thing since sliced bread…

  • Now You See Me

    A year after they were each contacted by a mystery benefactor, four gifted magicians – J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher), Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) and Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson) — take to Las Vegas as The Four Horsemen. During their first show, the performers invite a member of the audience onto…

  • 30 Minutes or Less

    With Jesse Eisenberg fresh from The Social Network fame and Danny McBride enjoying the dimming flash in the pan of his career, 30 Minutes or Less is an enjoyable buddy comedy-come-crime caper that is worth a look. You might not remember it 30 minutes later, but you’ll still have a good time.

  • Holy Rollers

    Holy Rollers, the true(ish) story of young Hasidic Jews conned into smuggling Ecstasy into the USA in the late nineties, stars a pre-Social Network Jesse Eisenberg and deserves to be better than it is. You’ll certainly enjoy the snappy script and engrossing main plot, but once things get complicated it feels a little empty.