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  • Conchords Murray filming upcoming New Zealand comedy

    Funny film alert! Our favourite Deputy Cultural Attach√© of the New Zealand consulate, Rhys Darby, is returning to the big-screen in New Zealand comedy Love Birds. Darby, best known for his work as bumbling band manager Murray Hewitt in Flight of the Conchords, has been cast in Love Birds as a “hunky romantic lead”.

  • Janina Matthewson

    Janina Matthewson

    Janina has watched films (or ‘movies’ as they’re called in her native New Zealand) for all the years her existence has coincided with the existence of films. She was once killed in a film, which may or may not have been because she was dressed as a mime. All of her opinions are completely made up, but she believes them highly valuable for all that. She tells stories sometimes.

  • Fan-Made LOTR Prequel Is Internet Sensation

    British actress Kate Madison is such a massive fan of the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy that she spent six years and her life-savings making a prequel, a film entitled Born Of Hope.The film cost ¬£25,000 to make, mere pocket change in comparison to Peter Jackson’s $200 million budget, and rather than trekking to New Zealand to make it, she filmed the entire thing in East Anglia.