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  • Frost/Nixon

    King of the American historical epic Ron Howard returns to form with Frost/Nixon. Based on Peter Morgan’s Tony-award winning Broadway play, the film chronicles ex-US President Richard Nixon’s infamous admission of wrongdoing in David Frost’s interview series in 1977. Howard’s intimate dual narrative draws you expertly into the lives of both the interviewer and his subject, while Michael Sheen and Frank Langella inhabit their characters with studied perfection. Despite its somewhat dry subject matter, you’ll find yourself fascinated by this battle-of-wits tale by the time the credits come up.

  • BAFTA Guru presents screenwriting masterclasses

    As part of their enduring commitment to fostering the next generation of great filmmakers, the wise and beautiful folk at BAFTA have pulled some strings to get YOU, young aspiring screenwriter, an audience with some of the most successful Hollywood pen-pushers of the last twenty years. Sort of.

  • Top 10 unforgettable biopics

    With Reagan’s biographers being all whiney about The Butler, and Naomi Watts apparently convinced that Princess Di’s been looking down on Watts as she plays her, thinking “Ooh, yes, lovely work there, Naomi,” we thought it was a good time to consider the nature of the biopic. Then we got a bit overwhelmed and decided to just harp on about a few that, for some reason or another, stood out to us.

  • Hereafter

    The old dog tries out some new tricks – to mixed results. It has its moments, and treats its potentially sensational subject matter with the respect that, really, it deserves, but it feels very one-note, despite Eastwood’s attempts at innovation. After this and the strangely underwhelming Invictus, let’s hope Eastwood’s creative flame hasn’t ‘died’ out just yet. Arf.

  • The Lords of Salem

    Rob Zombie used to be in a band called White Zombie, and then a band called Rob Zombie, and also he once did a duet with Lionel Ritchie. But now he’s a serious filmmaker who’s proven himself as one of the most interesting and uncompromising horror directors working today. The Devil’s Rejects and his remake of Halloween were divisive but fiercely individual, and now he’s made his most accomplished and personal film to date

  • Monday Face/Off – Nicolas Cage

    Winner of an Academy Award, creator of ‘Nouveau Shamanic’ and star of some of your favorite flicks to hate, Nicolas Cage is a man that creates strong reactions. Nowhere is this more true than here at BFF. And so it came to be that upon the eve of his latest release, Stolen, Sarah and Megan were called on as tribute to battle it out for the honor of this enigmatic fellow. For all the blow-by-blow coverage, read on below…