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  • Friday Drinking Game #54 – Bourneathlon

    So guess what comes out on Monday? It’s only the bloody Bourne Legacy! Smash smash punch punch ride that motorbike keep squealing Rachel Weisz – Gosh we’re excited. So excited we’re going to spend this evening in the throes of a Bourneathlon. Writer Tony Gilroy says of the upcoming ‘wider conspiracy’ film that “everyone who got into [the first three] will be rewarded for paying attention”. Sounds like a challenge, no point going on Monday unless you’ve watched all three back to back and given your attention span/liver a real work out.

  • Bourne 4…A Prequel?

    Oh dear, they’re all at it. First Sony shocks the world by rebooting Spiderman less than 10 years after the original film came out, and now rumour has it that the Bourne series might be going down the prequel route too.

  • Captain Phillips

    As with Steven’s other reviews, this was first published on the brilliant Check it out or face the consequences. Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks) bids his wife Andrea (Catherine Keener) farewell as he prepares for another shift at work. Phillips is captain of the MV Maersk Alabama, a cargo ship that is bound for Mombasa…

  • Top 15 Money shots of the Noughties

    There was all kinds of debate about what to call this blog. In the end we decided to keep the name Money shots, if you were expecting something else from a film website then perhaps we could satisfy you (urgh) with this blog on the top 15 visually stunning moments in film from 2000 – 2009.

  • Films to see in March 2011

    How do you know what you’re going to see at the cinema next month? You’re busy people – Facebook won’t update itself, and you’ve probably got a relationship to neglect or something. Oh, you haven’t? Sorry. Well, there’s no point in trying to meet another human adult now, you may as well just read this blog.