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  • Friday Drinking Game #38 – Richard Curtis Rom-Coms

    Valentine’s Day approaches, and as this Friday night looms you’re either putting the finishing touches on the mound of presents you’ve prepared for your other half or injecting K Cider into your genitals in the hope that it’ll feel like someone stroking (or at least punching) you. If the former is true, we hate you – if it’s the latter, put that syringe down and try having a drink the traditional way. Compulsively.

  • Friday Drinking Game #36 – Indie Rom-Coms

    Brand-new indie rom-com Like Crazy has hit cinemas, bringing with it a wealth of brutal honesty and bitter views on love. Hurray! How will we cope with all of this unsugared reality? By drinking, that’s how! Grab yourselves a suitable alcoholic bevvy, a stack of DVDs and a handful of cynical friends… things are about to get messy.

  • Friday Face/Off: Rom-Coms

    Friday will keep rolling around, dammit, and it’s become somewhat of a tradition on this sad, sad day for two BFF guards to fight it out on a topic of contention. This week, it’s the fluffiest of all demonic reprobates: The Rom-Com.

  • A New Del Toro Movie… And It’s A Rom-Com!

    20th Century Fox have purchased the movie rights to Jane Heller’s novel An Ex To Grind, and top romantic comedy actress Cameron Diaz and award-guzzling Benicio Del Toro are set to star. The chick-lit novel tells the story of a washed out star-athlete (Del Toro) who used to support his waitress wife, but now that his career is over and she’s a success, she has to support him.